Picking your Christmas Tree

Hay Rides
Picking a Tree
We open the day after Thanksgiving (friday) then weekends only (Sat, Sun) from 10AM until dusk. If you are only available during the week, call me at 832-741-1210 and I will work out a time we can open for you.
Virginia Pine Christmas Trees,

Up to 8 ft tall Netting included $30.00
8ft to 10 ft tall Netting included $40.00
10ft and up (Netting will not fit) $50.00

Imported Trees will be priced separate due to size and availability.

Hay Rides.
Always free for the kids. Adults are free with purchase of Christmas Tree.
We grow Virginia Pine and Leyland Cyprees. All thats required is for you to pick one and cut it down. We even supply the saw.